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No Madness In Me!

2009-09-24 15:31:50 by erafia

Happy Madness Day!(or may be bad?)

So, about Pon and Zi: i know it's late but next week it will be! First Will be test movie! The Trailer. And then episodes:

Friend or Foe? ( may be other name )
Working Title
Halloween Special
Working Title
Not Just Friends
Not Normal
Christmas Special
Snow Badness
Working Title
Flower Time( Or not?)

That's all for episodes so far! And a bit about the show: There will no be voices... if there will be long text, it will apear in window. If thre will be short words like: Go or Hi or Fuck( XD) it will be voiced with sound effects. It will not be so cute as the pictures! It will be parody of that, that you see!

It also will contain horror scenes!(No not blood only chainsaws, guns, weapons XD XD)

Ok that's all for now, see you later!
By Erafia!


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